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Welcome to my website – Ann O’Carroll | Natural Spirit Medium | Clairvoyant Pshychic | Reiki practitioner | Reiki Master Teacher

I also run Healing Workshops and Chakra Meditation Classes

 My journey started Thirty years ago. Looking back I had always been a very sensitive shy child. The spirit world opened up to me after the sudden death of my mother. I have all five senses to spirit. It’s with great love and respect I channel their messages.

The spirit world is very real and that you will understand from my very gentle readings. Angels are also a huge part of my work as I can communicate with them. I see and hear angels in my daily life, everyone has an angel by their side and these beings of light can and will change your life. That’s what my Angel Workshops are about.

I’m also a healer. Reiki is my passion and I love to be able to channel healing energy to my clients. I work on your energy field and Chakras for balance and well being.


Psychic & Mediumiumship Readings
My readings can help to get over past events and encourage optimism for the future.

Reiki Healings
Connect to your higher level & experience a journey of deep relaxation. Release blocked Chakras to restore well-being.
Reiki Classes
Unlock a new understanding of Reiki Healing and develop further skills to allow healing of yourself and others.

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I owe a great debt of gratitude to my husband, three daughters and two sons. Simple words don’t do justice to the support that they have given me through out my spiritual journey.

My husband’s guidance and assistance to help me build my healing practice. I want to express my deep thanks for his energy and support also my spirit family, my mother and father, and my grandparents who have been my teachers and who work very close to me.  Not forgetting my angels who are always guiding and protecting me on my journey. This journey has brought me so much love peace and filled me with happiness.

Angel Healing with Ann – Universal Light force energy an ancient gift from above. Radiates from out the hands applied to each with love, we are but a circuit to help the body mend. It’s not us who stands as healers, it’s the energy we send.

Ann’s Reiki hands stand ready for what service they may do, for when she heals others she also gets a healing too.

Reiki Master Ann O’Carroll

A very special tribute to my late parents. Thank you both, three small words so much to add for all your love and support through out my journey. I know you’re both dancing in the sky. Keep shining your light. The words “I love you both” seem too few to express the love I have for you.
Let’s continue on this wonderful journey and shine light on all hearts we meet. It’s time to share our love and happiness with others.
R I P beautiful souls